Magnetic Nanoparticles


Magnetic Nanoparticles are a class of Nanoparticles which can be manipulated using magnetic field. The physical and chemical properties of magnetic Nanoparticles largely depend on the synthesis method and chemical structure. In most cases, the particles range from 1 to 100 nm in size and may display superparamagnetism.


• Medical diagnostics and treatments

Magnetic Nanoparticles are used in an experimental cancer treatment called magnetic hyperthermia in which the fact that Nanoparticles heat when they are placed in an alternative magnetic field is used.

• Magnetic immunoassay

Magnetic immunoassay is a novel type of diagnostic immunoassay utilizing magnetic beads as labels in lieu of conventional, enzymes, radioisotopes or fluorescent moieties. This assay involves the specific binding of an antibody to its antigen, where a magnetic label is conjugated to one element of the pair.

• Waste water treatment

The easy separation by applying a magnetic field and the very large surface to volume ratio, magnetic Nanoparticles have a good potential for treatment of contaminated water

• Chemistry

Magnetic Nanoparticles are being used or have the potential use as a catalyst or catalyst supports. In chemistry, a catalyst support is the material, usually a solid with a high surface area, to which a catalyst is affixed. The reactivity of heterogeneous catalysts occurs at the surface atoms.

• Biomedical imaging

There are many applications for iron-oxide based Nanoparticles in concert with magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic CoPt Nanoparticles are being used as an MRI contrast agent for transplanted neural stem cell detection.

• Genetic engineering

Magnetic Nanoparticles can be used for a variety of genetics applications. One application is the isolation of mRNA. This can be done quickly – usually within 15 minutes. In this particular application, the magnetic bead is attached to a poly T tail.

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