Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating

Innovation of Nano Technology

Based on Chemical Nanotechnology, the synthesized product Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating contains specially modified Functional Nano Particles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix in a Solvent Base. Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating material, when applied on Glass surface forms a thin layer with Excellent Roll-Off behaviour for water, simplifying the removal of dirt and scaly residue.

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Why Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating ?

• Performance of Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating is robust due to effects of INORGANIC NANO PARTICLES incorporated in non-polymer based matrix i.e. it is a dispersion of functionalized nano-particles in a solvent base. This solvent acts as carrier in spreading across the applied surface. Over the curing period (2 to 3 hrs.) Nano-particles self assemble across the surface and bonds with the surface. The solvent evaporates over the curing period leaving only INORGANIC NANO PARTICLES that forms a uniform thin layer of 50-60 nm over the surface by forming bond with silica of ceramic surface. For this scientific reason, life of the coating would be very long.

Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating has developed the technology to combine many properties into one nano-particle. Each such nano-particle exhibits property of water/dirt repellence, UV protection, antibacterial, anti-corrosion etc.

Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating is optically neutral i.e. completely transparent and while applied over glass surface, no visible difference observed after on coated surface and due to UV protection coated glass conserves air-condition load.

• Coating contains functionalized nano silver that imparts total bacteria-free surface and so it is anti-foul & anti-algae.

• Because of anti-sticking surface dirt does not stick on the surface. It is easy clean and remains stain free.

• Surface becomes anti-corrosive and highly resistant to acidic & alkaline solutions. It protects corrosion of glass due to acid rain.

• High resistance to scratches & abrasion.

Why Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating ?

Super Hydrophobic Nano Coating has indigenously developed robust process technology to manufacture high quality & pure Nano-materials with very wide range and also has developed the technology for manufacture of novel coating. This ensures robust performance of the Nano glass coating.

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