Health Care

The health care industry incorporates several sectors that are dedicated to providing health care services and products. Health care includes many categories of medical equipment, instruments and services as well as Biotechnology, Diagnostic laboratories and Substances.

We are mainly dealing with the healthcare instruments like Haemoglobin meter, Glucometer, Haematology Analyzer, Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer, and the reagents for the analyzers like Detergent, Diluents, and lytic for the Haematology analyzer. Along with these biochemistry tests, we are also providing immunology products like Malaria and Dengue rapid lateral flow tests, as well as the uncut sheet and disease specific highly pure antibodies of the same for the manufacturing of these products.

We also offer the uncut sheet for the manufacturing of

Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibodies: Our monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies are highly purified with special techniques and are stable for almost a year at frozen condition and more than a year at – 20 C. The specificity and sensitivity of our monoclonal antibodies are very high compared to any other competitive antibodies available in the market.

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